Best Way to Store Emails Outside of Outlook like Secured PDF File Format with PST to PDF Converter


From past two weeks, I was searching for a best way to store emails outside of Outlook on my local machine. However, up until now, I do not have any reliable approach for the same. That’s why I have posted here and hope this will help to achieve the process of storing emails Outside of Outlook such as PDF format.

There are such queries in that users need to know that how to store emails from Outlook PST to PDF format. Both file formats are being used by number of organizations and for personal use. However there is a need to perform PST file to PDF conversion rises to meet user demands for business purpose. Unluckily, this task is not a stress-free and straightforward. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss two methods – Manual method and Professional method to store emails from Outlook to PDF with attachments. Before doing this, first users must to learn about both (PST and PDF) file formats along with the conversion reasons.

What is PST and PDF File Format?

There are number of email client applications available in the online market and every email client has different file format. Here we are going to talk about PST and PDF format:

  • PST files are maintained by Microsoft Outlook email client for professional purpose. Apart from email services it works as personal information manager. It offers several services like contacts, tasks, journal, notes, calendars, etc.
  • PDF (Portable Document File) is a file format which is created by Adobe Reader. It is consider as a secure file format and users can also create different copies of the files. These files can store the whole description of every topic which includes the number of images, graphics and fonts.

Reason to Store Emails from Outlook to PDF Format

Today, People have become work addicts due to which they need to travel different places along with their data wherever they go. Carrying the email data makes some difficulties, as you may not be able to access the same email application everywhere you travel. That is why, users are searching for a best way to store emails outside of Outlook such as PDF format.

PDF documents are greatly dignified in order to keep the complete data in a versatile but in trustworthy and safe manner. The Portable Document formats are very safe in order to save data in the form of texts, images, etc. because it provides password in two forms, i.e. Owner and User password. If User password is added on a document then it protects the file whereas, owner password basically applies the restriction upon the PDF file contents like copy, edit, print, and remove the restrictions.

Techniques to Store Outlook Emails into PDF Format

There are two possible ways available to move emails from Outlook to PDF file format including attachments:

  • Manual Method: Save single mail from Outlook to PDF without attachments at a time
  • Professional Method: Save batch emails from Outlook to PDF including attachments at a time

Method#1. Move Single Email from Outlook to PDF Format

Step 1. Install and Open MS Outlook then select mail that want to be saved in PDF

Step 2. Now navigate to File option and Click on Save AS option.

Step 3. From Save As dialogue box, browse the location where you want to save the output files.

Step 4. From Save As Type drop-down menu, select HTML format then click Save.

Step 5. Now, browse the location, where the HTML file is to be saved.

Step 6. Choose file and right click on it, then select Open With option and click on Word (desktop).

Step 7. In MS Word application, go to File option and Click Save As.

Step 8. From Save As menu, navigate to location where the output file is saved.

Step 9. From Save As Type drop-down menu, select PDF(*.pdf) option and click Save button.

Step 10. Finally, store email from Outlook PST to PDF

Drawbacks of Manual Solution

Manual solution is too-lengthy and time-consuming process to store email from Outlook PST to PDF format. The manual method is supportable to convert only individual mail from Outlook to PDF with no attachment at one time. This method becomes fail if you try to move number of emails from Outlook to PDF at one time. It is beneficial only for single or two mails conversion from Outlook to PDF. In order to execute the process manually, having technical knowledge is must otherwise you won’t be able to accomplish the process of PST to PDF conversion.

Method#2. Professional Method – PST to PDF Converter


I would like to recommend you to try PST to PDF Converter that provides only few simple steps for moving emails from Outlook PST to PDF format. It can store bulk emails from Outlook PST file to PDF file format along with attachments in a single process. The PST to PDF Converter provides two options for saving PDF – 1. Save single PDF file for each emails and 2. Save all emails in single PDF. Using the software, users will also get options for saving attachments: 1. Embed attachments in PDF and 2. Save attachments in separated folder. The software gives 100% accurate result after converting Outlook emails into PDF format. All Outlook and Windows OS editions are also well-suitable with the PST to PDF Converter.

Recommendation: Free PST to PDF Download Version

Free edition of PST to PDF Converter is also available for users to analyse and check the entire working of the software before getting license edition. The free demo of the software allows you to store 20 emails from Outlook PST to PDF format including attachments. If you need to achieve bulk conversion of Outlook emails to PDF format, then go ahead and buy license edition of the software.